People who suffer from depression and then do nothing about their illness only make things worse for themselves. How is this possible when they’ve already been to the doctors and been prescribed with regular, anti-depression medication which many patients believe they’ll be taking for the rest of their lives because they’ve also learnt that there is no cure for clinical depression. But oftentimes, mild forms of depression and those odd, sad mood swings that many of us feel when we’ve had a rough day, can regress.

That’s because we’re doing nothing about how we feel. When we feel down, we slump into our favorite couch and keep company with the remote, or we curl up on the bed, wishing something worse to happen or pleading for the tide to swing in our favor. The best form of medication, never mind the clinical mood swingers, that can help you keep yourself happy on a regular basis, is the practice of keeping yourself healthy and fit.

The more active you are, not necessarily and entirely physical, the healthier your body and mind will be. Of course, physical activity must be included in this frame. You also need to balance your work and personal life to the extent that work is not excessive and personal life does not negatively influence the need to work in order to meet financial obligations and sustain the healthy, balanced life. Food, plenty of healthy food, actually, can also bring you long-term happiness.

Just a little research reveals that there are even foodstuffs, plenty of them, actually, that can drastically reduce the symptoms of depression if consumed on a regular basis. Now, with both food and exercise, you also have opportunities to add more variety to your life. You do and enjoy something different every day